A postdoctoral position is open for the Anillo Project: Functionalized Surfaces for

Environmental Detection ACT210059. The project involves computational materials science for the study of Metal-Organic Frameworks [MOFs] and surface mounted MOFs [SURMOFs] for applications in detecting contaminants. Excellent candidates with a background in solid-state physics and first-principles simulations of materials, in particular calculations of structural and electronic properties, including ab-initio molecular dynamics simulations, are invited to apply. Duties and responsibilities include the use of advanced electronic structure methods and quantum simulations to model and predict MOFs/SURMOFs properties and its interaction with analytes.

A strong background in computational condensed matter physics and/or materials chemistry is required, including density functional theory. Previous experience with first-principles materials simulation codes (particularly VASP and Quantum Espresso) is preferred.

Position Requirements

This position requires a Ph.D. in physics, chemistry of materials or a related field of research. The position will be under the direction of Prof. Walter Orellana and will be in close collaboration with other theoretical and experimental colleagues. Moreover, the position is available for one year with the possibility of extension based on performance. However, it is expected that the candidate applies to other sources of funding, specially, the postdoctoral grant from ANID. Interested applicants are requested to contact prof. Walter Orellana ([email protected]) with a brief cover letter, a CV with two references, and one recommendation letter.

The successful candidate will receive a salary of CL$ 23,500,000 (around US$ 29,600) per year.